Fees & Payment Policy

Our Fees.

By Your Side LLC is a a private pay service. The current hourly rate for services is $150.00, including telephone, video and in-person consults.  This rate may be modified over time. Although By Your Side LLC does not contract with insurance companies, we are happy to provide you with a more detailed invoice including all appropriate diagnosis codes, so that you can submit claims to insurance on your own.

Our Payment Policy.

In consideration of our natural resources, you will receive copies of our invoices via Square to the email address that you provide.

Our Appointment Change, Cancellation and No-Show Policy.

We request at least one business day (24-hour) notice for changing or cancellation of any appointment.  A ‘no-show’ or cancellation without a minimum 24-hour notice may result in a $50 cancellation fee.

Limitation of Services and Liability Policy.

The practitioner(s) at By Your Side LLC are not providing cancer diagnosis or rendering cancer treatment. Our practice is limited to the services described in our Services section. The liability of By Your Side LLC and its practitioner(s) is limited to the scope of the services described in our services section, any liability relating to or arising out of such service shall not exceed the amount of proceeds obligated to be paid under By Your Side LLC’s applicable insurance policy.